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The Truth: Realities About Divorces Part2

Your financial success or failure will, most likely, depend on your ability to negotiate with your former spouse:

Most divorces do not go to trial. Instead, divorce settlements normally result from negotiations that end when both parties feel they have reached a fair settlement. This process is no different, in principle, from the way you would negotiate for a new house or a new car. However, it is surprising that many never bother to consider basic negotiating principles as they head into their divorce.


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The Truth: Realities About Divorces

In most divorces, a range of legal settlements is possible. It is worthwhile to understand the varying financial impact of different settlements:

Attorneys and legal counselors can help you understand your rights during a divorce. However, those going through a divorce often require additional financial planning that considers the consequences of various settlements. Can you really afford to keep your house even if you have a right to it? What does your divorce mean for your ability to achieve life goals like education and travel for you and your children. Your future is in your hands. With the best tools and knowledge, you can gain control of your financial future.House-divided

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